• What is a lacewig?

Well-kept secret of the biggest stars like Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj or Ciara, the Lacewig is a totally indetectable wig. Built on a lace base it gives the impression that the hair comes out of the scalp of the person wearing it. It can be used for aesthetic purposes but also for medical purposes in patients suffering from alopecia. This type of wig offers several advantages, it allows to change hairstyle in any discretion without having to damage this hair. The break can be done without glue, the cup with clips and an adjustable elastic that can tighten the cap at the back of the head. Our Lacewigs are fully customized, an elastic band is added on the cap to secure the Lace, the hairline of the front is reworked to give an even more natural look.


  • What is the difference between a full lace wig and a lacefront wig?

The difference lies in the cap of the two wigs, on a Lacewig the so-called "indetectable" lace part covers the entire wig. The hair is implanted one by one on the whole of the cap, so there is no seam or eye or touch all the cuts are feasible as on natural hair. On the Lacefront, the "indetectable" part is only at the front of the hat, the rest of the wig being sewn like a conventional wig the stripes are therefore shorter and the cuts less varied.


  • Do the wigs sold on your site come from real hair?
All wigs are made from heat-resistant 100% human hair (virgin hair) that can be colored. A wig in human hair with a longer life span is more natural and undetectable than a synthetic hair wig.
  • What types of hair are you talking about?


Wigsforall uses virgin Human Hair that has been gently colored to achieve the desired look. Premium Processed Hair reacts better to the humidity in the environment due to the color process. It is available in a range of trendy colors, which include Balayage, Ombre, Babylights and Rooting. It provides a more affordable option, while maintaining the highest quality and an extremely natural, soft, silky finish.

Available with a tulle lacefront or full lace; more or less voluminous depending on the models and precustomized to be worn directly.


  • Can they be dyed?

yes, they are made of 100% human hair so they can be dyed or discolored. However, beware of discoloration because it damages the hair.

  • Do I need to use glue or tape to secure my wig when wearing it, if so, how?

Although they are considered "glue less" due to the combs, straps and elastic band they have in them.


  • Lace color?  
Lace color light is suitable for women with fair skin and dark for women with darker skin.
  • Can you color the lace so that it does not show?

Yes, there are different techniques for camouflaging the lace, such as putting the foundation of the color of its complexion or thanks to the revolutionary spray tint lace, to sprinkle on the tulle of the lace, let it dry for about 15 minutes, possibility to intensify the shade by adding product.


  • Are all your products as pictured on your website?

All the products presented on the site www.wigs-forall.com are those only of the company wigs for all.
By selecting a product the detailed description is displayed through the product sheet (size, type, price etc ...)
The images presented on the product sheet are as close as possible to the products, but sometimes can not ensure perfect similarities because of a very slight difference in hue and color. But this does not change the quality of the product. the color of the wig is unique and handmade.

All our items are photographed in house and are taken in a way to show the versatility of the wig.

Please note that different monitors and phone screens can affect how colour is portrayed, therefore we cannot be held responsible for a slight difference in shade when you receive your order.


  • Do you personally hand-make every wig on your store?

Unfortunately due to lacefront/full lace wigs being extremely time consuming to hand create , we do have a manufacturer who creates our wigs and we make ourselves the complete customizations of the wig (color...)


  • Why a density difference on some wigs?

Depending on the model, you have the choice of density. A basic wig at a density of 130 or 150%. it is a wig easy to wear, light enough and easy to maintain.

From 180% or 250%, it is a wig with a lot of hairv and therefore a large volume.


  • Why is the shipment not immediate?

In order to customize the wig, we have a processing time that is 6 to 10 days before sending this one.


  • Do you make deliveries internationally?

Yes, we ship all over the world, the only thing is that the delivery time is longer and the shipping costs are more expensive